Photo by  Jac O'Brien

Photo by Jac O'Brien


A small, battered Minolta SR7 35mm sits on my Dad's work desk, the grip is faded black, the lens is scratched, and the shutter is so temperamental that any fast moving subjects are either ghostly blurs or immediate memories. But despite many technical flaws, this camera is what sparks my love for photography.

Jump ahead 19 years and I am an accomplished Photographer travelling the globe, but previously living on Hamilton Island, Australia. With just over half a decade of experience, I bring creativity, a sense of humour and a particular nuance to the experience my clients receive.

My photographic style is homogeneous to the likes of Robert Capa and Austin Hargrave. A journalistic approach enables a genuine photograph and a true feeling of individuality. I have a particular cockamamie way of capturing magical family moments and engaging an audience with my quirk and tongue-in-cheek personality.

My portfolio spans portraits, food, journalism, weddings, architecture and real estate, sports and fashion.

I'm currently in Adelaide, AUS.

You can also check out a quick portfolio here or Instagram below.